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July 28, 2017

The Importance of Art in Your Home – Your Space Defines You

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Elizabeth Roan

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You would never put fake books on your bookshelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls? Having original art in the home is as vital as having a quality bed. Not only is art is a key piece of furniture for your home but is essential to your mental health. After all, you spend one-third of your life in your home–so why not spend that fraction with the things that make you happy? Often put on the back-burner of needed objects, the importance of art in your home benefits your sense of interior design, well being and social atmosphere. Each day, you come home to an embracing mood that you created. Now, who’s the artist?
Not just a resource for visual art, InLiquid also offers a variety of curatorial and arts management services for homes and businesses. With a 15-year background in managing and curating exceptional art and design projects, as well as transitioning the careers of artists from emerging to established, InLiquid provides a level of experience both personalized and professional with our large database of artists and collaborations with interior designers such as Christina Henck, owner and creative director of Henck Design. “It is important to connect and have an impact socially and culturally in our city,” Henck says from her design studio in Graduate Hospital, “what drives people to live here are, first and foremost, jobs; secondly people move here for culture. Who you are is consistent with your culture. Often times the way people show their culture is through the art in their homes.” We collaborated with Christina during Design Philadelphia in 2016. Together we created Apartment Walks at Park Towne Place, where we gave Christina the ability to design an entire floor of model units with our member artists work, ranging from paintings, light fixtures, to installations, along with furniture from Dane Decor. The results were harmonious and fostered a sense of creativity and inspiration to everyone who attended.
Not only do designers like Henck and art organizations like InLiquid create spaces, but collaboratively works with clients and partners to create a space that reflects their identity, and curate pieces that can live with them through out their lives (a farewell to collapsible dorm-furniture and Hendrix posters to any millennial).
Regardless of age, socioeconomic background, it’s still possible to be your own personal curator of your home, apartment, even work desk. Here are three reasons why art in your home is super important:
Painting by Constance Culpepper. Chair by Melissa Madonni Haims
You have more by having less
We get it, art’s not cheap. You wonder: why get an original when I can get a print at Ikea? Knix the impulse buy and start investing. With fewer things, not only is your mind clear, your stock actually rises.
Art supports artists
Whether you’re looking for a print for your bathroom or a chandelier for your foyer, the art you buy supports the livelihood and careers of artists.
Art creates mood and adds personal character to your space
According to Christina Henck, “Who you are is consistent with your culture. Often times the way people show their culture is through the art in their homes.” Coming home to art that is yours gives you a sense of structure, ease, and inspires you to be your best self.
Art makes memories
Celebrate your culture with sculpture or your vacation with a painting. While fidget spinners are all the craze, original art is more likely to grace your walls with the posterity. More memories are created when passing your art down to generations.
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