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February 14, 2019

The Artists At The Intersection

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Nell Mittelstead

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While the artists featured in InLiquid’s exhibition Intersections: Here/There are all remarkable in their own right, the seven artists all play with the medium in photography as a form of mark-making, experimentation, and above all, worth meddling with. Here is a brief rundown of the seven artists who make up InLiquid’s Intersections, curated by InLiquid member, Julianna Foster.
Now an associate professor of photography at Wayne State University, Millee Tibbs’s work derives from her interest in “photography’s ubiquity and the tension between its truth-value and inherent manipulation of reality.” That is certainly true in the case of the pieces of hers that will be featured in Intersections, all of which transform the organic nature of landscape photography into geometric forms. The pieces, some of which fit into traditional rectangular frames, and some of which demand their own bespoke, original framing, all force the mind of the viewer to see the beauty of a mountainous landscape as something entirely new.
Jennah White received her BFA in photography from the University of the Arts in 2012, and since then has remained in Philadelphia where she continues working on her photography. Much of White’s work centers around her goal to translate her internal thoughts and dialogue into a physical and visual manifestation of the self. Dealing mostly in black and white photography, Jennah White uses the body and place in tandem to create a response to her search for vitality.
The work of Philadelphia based photographer Roxana Azar takes us far from here. Influenced heavily by science fiction and floral design, Azar’s strikingly lush work takes us out of this familiar world, and into “an alternate universe lush with plant-like beings,” as Azar has put it. After receiving their BFA in Photography from Tyler School of Art, and their MFA in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University, Azar has planted roots in Philadelphia where they currently live. Azar has been shown in exhibitions both national and international and has been published in publications such as Sight Unseen, the Paper Journal, and many more.
Veronica Corzo-Duchardt is a graduate in two rights from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her MFA in Studio Art as well as in Writing. Corzo-Duchardt pulls often from her Cuban-American background, incorporating a variety of materials to portray the tension between identity, culture, history, and memory. From Corzo-Duchardt’s latest project titled In Waves, her work perfectly encapsulates the title of Intersections, straddling lines between mediums, identities, and cultures. On top of her art practice, Corzo-Duchardt is the principle of the Winterbureau design studio, as well as a lecturer at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, and has shown her show both nationally and internationally.
Before Krista Svalbonas received her Interdisciplinary MFA from SUNY New Paltz, and before she received her BFA in Photography from Syracuse University, she was just the daughter of two World War II refugees. Now, as a Philadelphia based artist and assistant professor of Photography at St. Joseph’s University, Svalbonas explores how the displacement of her parents changed her parents, and her own, view on what makes a “home.” From her collection Migrator, Svalbonas reflects on the contingent nature of “home,” offering a personal take on how time affects the memory of “home”.
Claire A. Warden’s work begs you to ask “what is it?” But she most certainly not begging you to ask the same thing of her. Born in Montreal to a family of diverse ethnic heritage, Warden knows that it is a question she will receive more often than she’d like. However, it is this difficult question which has lead to her collection Mimesis, several pieces of which will be featured in Intersections. As Warden herself puts it, “identity is fluid and abstract,” much like her work. With a BFA in Photography and a BA in Art History from Arizona State University, Warden’s work finds intersection not only in her medium but in herself as well.

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