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Art for the Cash Poor
May 31, 2018

The Art of Phood – Philly Food Trucks to Expect at AFTCP 2018!

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Imani Miller

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We’re getting closer and closer…Art For the Cash Poor 2018 is just around the corner at its new location in the Spring Arts District of Callowhill!! Are you hungry? ‘Cause we are! Among the many art and craft vendors to be featured at AFTCP this year, there will also be fantastic food trucks to look out for. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a full-on carnivore, we’ve got something for everyone. So leave your wallets full and your stomachs empty, cause here are 3 Food Trucks to keep an eye out for at the fair this year. Can’t wait to see you all there!
  1. Side of the Road Jerk Chicken
“You will Smell Me Before You See Me…..”, is this delectable authentic Jamaican jerk food trucks motto and you won’t want to miss the taste! Voted one of the best places for jerk chicken in Philly, Side of the Road Jerk Chicken started in 2004 with James Leggett at Cherashore Park at 10th and Olney using only a Walmart grill to prepare chicken for locals gathered by the baseball diamonds and basketball courts. Originally from Brooklyn, Leggett has always been a cook, a self-described “city boy with southern exposure”, barbecuing as a side hobby turned into a second career in the twilight hours. Along with his hit chicken wings, breasts, and legs; Side of the Road Jerk Chicken also serves up jerk salmon, sautéed kale and roasted Brussels sprouts!
Be sure to enjoy the flavor, the sauces, and the service that everyone loves.
  1. Rock N’ Rolls
Egg Rolls with a twist! This unique, female entrepreneur run, mobile food business specializes in gourmet Americanized egg rolls. Rock N’ Rolls offers a variety of egg roll types; ranging from a Buffalo Chicken egg roll to a vegan egg roll option. In honor of her mother, owner Shamaya “Bella” Oberlton, opened in April 2016 and dedicates its proceedings to those affected by Pancreatic Cancer. Rock N’ Rolls has grown from one, small unit into a large online service. “Home of the ‘not-so-typical’ Egg Roll!”
Give this lovely ladies popular egg rolls a taste
Weckerly’s Ice Cream was founded in 2012 by pastry chef, Jennifer Satinsky as an extension of her passion for building relationships with local farmers, a love of ice cream, and dedication to the culinary craft. With careful preparation and reverence for each lovely ingredient, she slowly cooked, steeped, cooled, churned and froze rich French-style ice cream one small batch at a time. “Each flavor is inspired by the seasons,” she says, focusing her ingredients found mostly in farms throughout New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania.
We are so excited for this sweet treat, don’t miss out!
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