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July 20, 2017

Take a Quick Break from the Summer Heat With These Works of Art!

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Kim Minutella

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Do you ever find yourself gazing at a work of art, whether it be a painting of a red wagon or a black-and-white landscape photograph, and feel a moment of transcendence that leads to some secret, far away place? Suddenly, you’re no longer in your room, or sitting by your computer, or standing in the middle of a gallery. Instead, you are simply taken to that place. You are by that lake, standing on the shore as the sand dips into the cool water. You are among the trees, and they are tall and towering as they surround you–and though they cast long shadows, you still feel the warmth of the summer sun as it bleeds in through the leaves. If this hot weather isn’t doing it for you, here is a list of some of our Artist Members’ work that will take you to that experience. Grab a drink of lemonade and be whisked away for just a moment:
1.) A Luxurious Home or a Haunted House on a Hill?
Could this be a luxurious vacation home, or a haunted house on a hill that carries dark secrets within its walls? This pigmented print by Geoffrey Ansel Agrons (top left) is a work of art that leaves you wondering what exactly lies in store behind its closed doors and dark windows.
2.) The Essence of Summer, Captured in Brushstrokes
In this painting by InLiquid Artist Brooke Lanier (second from top), the photo-realistic style creates the sense that if you were to reach out, you would feel the cool surface of running water instead of the smooth texture of dried paint.
3.) A Trip Back in Time
Bold and vibrant, this photograph by InLiquid Artist Fred Kenner (third from top), takes you back into the past and transports you inside the boiler room of the S.S. United States luxury passenger.
4.) The Difference Between Night and Day
In this print by InLiquid Artist Keith Sharp (second from bottom), night and day merge into one, single entity.
5.) Who let the dog out?
This bright and colorful cut paper collage by InLiquid Artist Joseph Opshinsky (bottom left) raises a mystery that continues to remain unsolved: Who let the dog out? And especially in this heat?

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