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July 25, 2019

Stuck in a rut? Check out some of the new shows we have up!

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Olivia Haynes

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If you didn’t know, we have some new shows up! And there is something for everyone to enjoy.
For those intrigued by process, materiality, and texture, check out Mythologies at Archer Law.  Bradford White Fiske has created a series of paintings in which the longer you look at it the more you discover. Fiske paints “in order to provide a dialogue with myself, which hopefully transmogrifies into a conversation with others within which there is no room for me.” Employing metallic paints and iridescent pigments suggests a depth that hints at elements not quite identifiable or understood just like myths. Over time, messages beyond the story begin to reveal themselves for the viewer to uncover
For those drawn to bold color, action, and raw, intrinsic human energy stop by the Courtyard by Marriott and check out our Alfred Ortega show! Witness Ortega’s process as he “in the case of visual experience I feel fortunate to have found a distinction in what I see in our world and how I feel about the same. As I attempt the work I consider that I am reacting to what I see in the paint or the sculpture and how I feel will allow me to continue.” Get enveloped by Ortega’s large canvases, vibrant figures and forms, and interpretations of how he sees the world.
If you want to want to enjoy some art and some nature, spray on some bug spray, put on some sunscreen, and go check out  Sculpture in the Glen, our outdoor sculpture garden. On view until July 28th!
Do you just want to be in the presence and enjoy the formalist aesthetics of a painting? If so, you should visit Jenn Hallgren’s work at Twenty Manning Grill. Hallgren, a self-proclaimed formalist, believes the significance of her work lies in the formalist aesthetics and the inherent qualities of the medium — the line, color, shape, form, structure, composition, and plasticity. Focusing on parks and gardens and formalist aesthetics, Hallgren leaves it all on the canvas, there is no need to know anything about her and there is no need to read her artist statement. It is just you and the painting.
For those who want to be challenged and introspective experience Summertime by Deanna McLaughlin at Old City Publishing. Deanna works with old shopping carts and transforms them into the “Cartrageous” furniture series. The shopping cart is the most iconic image of our consumer-based culture, the series is  intended to visually challenge viewers to question and assess individual ideas about consumerism, power, and privilege.
If you need some new perspective swing by the InLiquid Gallery to see Benhaim & Brunner. Sandra Benhaim’s abstract landscape paintings and Howard Brunner’s close-up photographs of urban landscapes both provide viewers a chance to see the world around them in a new way.
We hope that one of our shows have sparked some interest and we see you at one (or more) of our various spaces!
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