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May 24, 2017

Steven Bley’s Photography

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Arielle Kessler

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InLiquid is proud to present our annual summer art sale at the Crane Arts Building, Art for the Cash Poor 2017. Based on the premise that everyone can be an art collector, AFTCP is one of the longest running art festivals in the Kensington/Fishtown area. The focus of the event is that all works, both by emerging and established artists alike, are priced at under two hundred dollars. It is a unique event that brings artists and the public together in an accessible way for everyone.
Photography is just one medium of digital expression artists utilize to engage the art world through direct observation in the present moment. Whether it’s to synecdoche a larger picture or as an end in and of itself, photography creates many different types of atmospheres that bring the viewer into the image. Steven Bley is one photographer in particular who is going to be featured at AFTCP.
Bley is a self-taught emerging artist based in Northern New Jersey. He has been interested in photography for quite some time but his career didn’t take off until he started photographing abandoned places.
Bley’s work focuses on the relationship between the environment he photographs and the narrative he creates. He believes everything around him tells a story and he attempts to convey the past life of different places by photographing their state of decay, piecing together what was once there. His work engages the picture plane through bold and striking compositions, utilizing chiaroscuro lighting and space to create an atmosphere of different states of decay that resonate with the renaissance.
His work is among many who will be featured at AFTCP and will be on display on Saturday, June 17th and on sale all for under two hundred dollars. Make sure to pay a visit to his work when you come to the event!
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