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October 19, 2017

START Your Collection and Fall into the World of Art with Sarah Zwerling

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Kim Minutella

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As the 2017 InLiquid Benefit approaches, we are excited to showcase the exclusive pieces to be sold at our silent auction. In preparation for our Main Event, we encourage our fellow philanthropists and art collectors to pay it forward by celebrating their current art collection in tandem with supporting their local arts organization.
Fall into collecting with this high quality, archival print by InLiquid artist Sarah Zwerling. Falling is 20″ x 9″ photo collage of luscious flowers with bold pops of accents and vibrant colors representing the most beautiful and treasured aspects of the natural world. The warm and cool color combinations in this piece radiate a feeling of contentment and peace, capturing an iota of that respite that nature often brings—full-on transcendence if you are so lucky.
Sarah Zwerling is a Philadelphia artist whose photographic collage work serve as almost a mental diary, in which she records memories of a particular place. Sarah has traveled the world and was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome. She has received multiple grants, such as the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship and the Leeway Foundation grant. Currently, she has a large-scale installation piece on view at the Philadelphia International Airport.
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