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October 31, 2017

START Your Art Collection With Posterity – Bid Now on ‘Red Skull’ by Jaime Alvarez

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Elizabeth Roan

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Our 2017 InLiquid Benefit is just days away. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate, enhance, and (for the art-collecting neophytes of Philly) start your art collections. For the past several weeks leading to the event, we’ve blogged about exclusive pieces to be sold at our silent auction (the inventory is huge!) Now we invite you to start your bids as the auction site is now active!
For those native to Philadelphia, or who have dwelled here in the midst of its major real estate upswing, should know that with change comes rapid gentrification, leaving what has built character in a city: original street art, and the communities it represents, to the wayside. Artist and photographer, Jaime Alvarez documented the changes of North Philadelphia. This photo comes from a series of photographs taken at 1328 North 5th Street, an abandoned Victorian style home that had been, for years, a place for graffiti writers to practice their craft. As new buildings arise, all that is left are images. With memory lost, in time the images become a simulacrum of its original space.
Jaime Alvarez is a photographer living and working in a converted pickle factory in Fishtown. His work has been seen in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Toronto, and Puerto Rico. He’s always looking for new interesting places around Fishtown for his zine,
Represented by Racso Contemporary Arts.
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