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December 14, 2018

Social Media Tips and Tricks

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Arielle Kessler

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Whether you are a professional looking to promote sales, or a new artist looking to gain more of an audience, developing an online presence can be difficult to do. That’s why our team at InLiquid has come up with a few helpful tips to help begin building yourself more online:

  • Switch your Facebook and Instagram accounts to business profiles so that you can view your analytics.
  • Filter your personal posts to a personal page and keep the professional and personal posts separated. If you want to share something that is personal, share to your story and not as a post.
  • Bio should include specific keywords related to your practice, your specific medium (i.e. textile artist), location, and a link to your artsy as page as well.
  • Each post should have a description, location, and a call to action (such as an option to purchase the artwork through artsy by clicking the image).
  • Each post should also include keyword hashtags (pro tip: place these in the first comment to increase visibility in lieu of the caption).
  • Link your Facebook with your Instagram posts so that you don’t have to worry about going out of your way to post a second time.
  • Try to post as frequently as possible, every one or two days for posts and once a day for stories. You can schedule your posts too so that you never miss a day.
  • Post your most important news on your most visible days–which you can see in your analytics report after the first month of being switched to a business profile
  • When posting to your story remember to use hashtags and locations
  • Establishing and maintaining a Twitter account will boost your online presence in accordance to InLiquid, and our reputable presence on said platform
  • Twitter can be used to update your audience on your exhibitions more efficiently than other platforms, and has similar formatting with hashtags, locations, and messaging
  • Comment on and engage with posts from relevant users. Engage and be a part of the community that you’re focused in!

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