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June 17, 2019

Sculpture in the Glen Exhibition

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Olivia Haynes

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From June 10 to July 28th you have the unparalleled opportunity to experience Sculpture in the Glen in Gladwyne, PA. A collaborative installation between InLiquid and Charles and Amanda Burch, Sculpture in the Glen is a unique creative space, curated with outdoor sculpture by local artists for the community to enjoy, featuring works from  Meade Baker, Charles Burch, Brent Crothers, Morgan Dummitt, Antonio Fink, Steve Flom, Melissa Maddonni Haims, Kate Kaman, Joshua Koffman, Leslie Matthews, Katia McGuirk, Michael Morgan, Melanie Serkes, Peter Slavin, Hanna Vogel, Roger Wing and late artists, Joe Brenman, Nick Kripal, and Dina Wind.
This exhibition hosts a diverse collection of sculptures and with community at its focus. Community has been incorporated in every aspect of the exhibition from the thought going into the curation of the exhibit down, to the creation of some of the works, to the themes the artists featured are exploring. The artists are reflecting on themes of human nature, our interactions within the natural world, and how we interact with each other, ourselves, and realizing these themes in both abstract and representational manifestations.
Artists such as Brent Crothers, Dina Wind, and Hannah Vogel breathe new life into tossed away materials. In describing his approach to his work he notes, “At the root of this work is a respect for nature and the questioning of all the wasted materials that surround us. More and more I’m incorporating unappreciated and discarded materials, transforming them into small communities to create forms and giving the materials new life.” Crothers poses a question when presenting his work however is not only asking the question; he is taking one step further and using his art as his way addressing the issue that he is presenting.
In Steve Flom’s work, he sees the human form as “the embodiment of the Soul… and a piece of wood or stone has an essence all its own. I try to fuse the essences of the model and the medium – without losing either one in the process.” Joshua Koffman, Roger Wing, Flom, and the late Joe Brenman all explore the human form and the tangibility of it, they see it as a vessel for something larger than us—it is a starting point. This exhibition provides time and space to reflect and interact with the works as they provoke questions, ideas, and feelings. Be sure to check it out! To check out photos of the exhibit visit here!
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