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March 31, 2020

Sandi Neiman Lovitz Makes Art and Listens to New Music While Social Distancing

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Jasmine Noble

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Sandi Neiman Lovitz is one of many artists who have been creating more pieces while social distancing–which, when looking on the bright side, has been a time artists have been using to explore their creativity. Lovitz shares her experience with staying active while indoors.
As the days start to feel longer, it’s important to stay busy and try new things. Lovitz has been painting a lot during this time and she suggests everyone try something they’ve never done before with their art.
When Lovitz is not working on her art, she is on Facetime with her children and grandchildren, or is learning about classical music online, reading, cooking, watching a movie, or taking a long walk.
Lovitz recommends watching Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, and Dark Waters or listening to new forms of music, using this time as an opportunity to explore new music, art, and ideas.
Lovitz says she is going to spend time in her studio being more fearless and more productive
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