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April 22, 2020

Robert Zurer Creates A Website That Aims To Explore Collective Unconscious

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Jasmine Noble

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InLiquid Artist Robert Zurer has created a website that centers around exploring our collective unconscious. It may be hard to find new activities that keep us entertained and busy for long periods of time, but Zurer is taking a deep dive into the creative process of making and analyzing art.
What are you doing to stay sane during this time?
I wrote a website,, that centers around exploring our collective unconscious. Jung put forth the theory that we all share a set of symbols, imagery, and knowledge which is carried forth in the inherited structure of the brain. There are other, more spirit-based ideas which also seek to explain this commonality. This is very central to surrealist thought. People tap into our collective unconscious in dreams, in times of crisis and in the creative process.
The site displays a curated group of images that will change periodically. The images are looked at one at a time using the navigation controls at the top. Below each image, the artist’s name and a link to their Instagram is displayed. Below that is a text entry where visitors to the site can anonymously write what they see when they look at the image. This can be a title, a narrative, a poem, how they are affected by it or how they react, what they think it means, formal impressions – anything really. Above the image, these entries are cycled through one by one as they come in real time. If the artist has titled the work, there will be no special indication. The title will simply appear with all the other entries.
If one wants to see all the things people have entered about a work without waiting to cycle through, there is a show all button above the navigation controls. Clicking this will bring up a scrollable list. A download button will also become available.
For me, the most valuable part of attending crits is gaining an entry to another person’s work by seeing it through the eyes of others. It is the aim of this site to enable that experience. I hope you will visit and write what you see
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