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January 22, 2019

Raw & Elegant: the Nature of Balance in Hanga Mathe’s Jewelry

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Nell Mittelstead

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As the artists of 14k Gold Filled Raw Black Tourmaline with Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace, Hanga Mathe says, “Every raw stone has a story to tell.” This pendant necklace, which will be up for auction at the 2019 Benefit, not only has a story to tell, it will give you one to tell as well. The black stone that is the center of this piece is as raw as it is elegant. Wrapped in the glowing handcrafted gold wire, the stone remains completely unchanged from its original state, “just as Mother Nature intended,” like Mathe has said. Unaltered, the stone shows the powerful beauty of nature uninterrupted. Paired with the freshwater pearl, the pendant creates a perfect balance of opposites: rough and smooth, dark and light, matte and gloss. In the minute space of 1”x5” this pendant holds the universe within it.
Philadelphia based artist, Hanga Mathe, is a Jeweler and a Typographer. Mathe’s jewelry repertoire, under the name Babelfish Jewelry, not only includes a wide variety of raw stone pendants, but paper-made jewelry too. Using a special, corrugated paper, Mathe folds extremely intricate beads that are simultaneously organic and geometric. Before starting Babelfish, Mathe spent 20+ years designing books. Not only does she tells stories with her jewelry, she tells them the old fashioned way as well.
The pendant, 14k Gold Filled Raw Black Tourmaline with Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace, will be available for auction on February 1 +2  at the 2019 InLiquid Benefit. While the pendant tells its own story, perhaps it is time to tell one of your own? By adding this piece to your collection the night of the Benefit, you’ve got a story to tell right along with it. What could be better than taking a new piece of art home? Bidding a piece of art that contains the universe, and being able to wear it home.

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