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April 9, 2020

Pedro Zagitt Practices Meditation To Deal With Stress During This Time

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Jasmine Noble

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InLiquid artist Pedro Zagitt currently works on art from home in the comfort of his bedroom. While it’s become increasingly challenging to stay sane and keeping ourselves busy during this pandemic, Zagitt has resorted to meditation and listening to music as a way to maintain his sanity while remaining inside.
Do you listen to music in the studio while you work?
Music is a vital part of my life, not just my creative work. It depends on what kind of thing I’m working on. I need silence, for example when I’m writing, music distracts me, unless I put something instrumental, some kind of jazz and a moderate volume. If I’m editing videos, I need to hear the sound of that video. On the other hand, if I’m painting or doing something with my hands then I need music. I do not have a song in particular and my spotify is the most eclectic.
As an artist, do you have any rituals to deal with stress?
I have been practicing meditation for a couple of years. It has helped me but it is until recently that the stress has been decreasing little by little. I try to accept things as they are and instead of focusing on what is inevitable I focus on the things that I have control over. Also, lately I use the pomodoro technique to work and regulate my breaks, so let’s say I work one hour of writing and I focus only on that and after a break I dedicate myself to something else and so, so as not to waste time worrying …
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