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August 1, 2018

Oval+ = More Play on the Parkway this Summer.

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Suji Kanneganti

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The people spoke, and Philadelphia responded.  Locals asked for more family-friendly activity space and safer solutions to crossing the hectic traffic surrounding the Ben Franklin Parkway.
Introducing: Oval+
Fairmount Park Conservancy partnered with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to design a colorful installation/pop-up park that extends the Eakins Oval throughout the parkway.  
There’s a sandbox, games (giant chess, anyone?), music, and ‘lots of space to hang out and soak up summer vibes.
Walkers and cyclists can rest easy knowing there’s more space for them now, too, with newly implemented traffic patterns.
Enjoy while it lasts!  The Oval+ will come down August 20th, 2018 (until next summer!).  And while you’re in the area, walk over to Park Towne to check out Light & Language.
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