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October 26, 2018

Natural Wonder Feature Artist: Leo Hylan

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid’s most recent exhibition, Natural Wonder, is on display at Park Towne Place Museum and will be showing until December 31. Each week, InLiquid will feature one of the artists of the exhibition on our blog.
Leo Hylan uses multimedia abstraction as a means of both confrontation and escape. His photographs challenge us with the nature of a decaying earth while letting us simultaneously escape into a world of fabulous and intense colors and abstract shapes.
Hylan has focused on oppression in some of his works in Natural Wonders, where he portrays humanity’s abuse of the environment. This maltreatment of the earth is shown twofold: the layering of images represses both scenes; the artificial and intense colors that are rarely found in nature reflect the impact that humans have in the environment, destabilizing and altering it.
He incorporates streaks in some of his photographs that modify the perception of the landscape and obscure it from the viewers; you must look carefully, squinting to see what is behind the obstructions. Other photographs are of abandoned and dilapidated buildings that are crumbling into the earth. However, Hylan does have a few pieces that celebrate the beauty in nature that still exist, and these photos are in fact close-ups that read as abstractions.
Come to visit Park Towne Place to support Hylan’s art, in addition to InLiquid member artists Keith Sharp, Caroline Savage, Laura Krasnow, and Jenny Lynn! This exhibition is curated by Amie Potsic.
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