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November 8, 2018

Natural Wonder Feature Artist: Jenny Lynn

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid’s most recent exhibition, Natural Wonder, is on display at Park Towne Place Museum and will be showing until December 31. Each week, InLiquid will feature one of the artists of the exhibition on our blog.
In creating her works, photo-artist Jenny Lynn is open to mixing chance with careful planning. The images shown in Natural Wonder were selected from two of her most noted bodies of work: her “Little Rituals” series, and her “Dogs” series. These black and white photographs explore the visual connections between animal, plant and object, and often include geometric shapes and forms found in nature that echo each other — such as triangles, squares, circles — to create bold, simple, graphic images. While she asks the viewer to perceive nature in a way that deviates from our usual colorful conception of it, the images remain grounded in aspects of nature with which we are familiar.
When working in 3D, Jenny Lynn carefully selects photographs from these two bodies of work to assemble and construct what she calls PhotoTotems — free-standing structures featuring imagery on all sides. These dimensional works range in scale from table-top size to 7-feet tall, and are often configured to work in the exhibition space at hand.
Jenny Lynn thinks of her work, whether two or three-dimensional, as visual poetry, and she invites the viewer to engage with the art, and make his/her own associations. To her, “Nature” as a concept encompasses not just people, but animals, plants, objects, and even the man-made.
Come to visit Park Towne Place to support Lynn’s art, in addition to InLiquid member artists Keith Sharp, Caroline Savage, Laura Krasnow, and Leo Hylan! This exhibition is curated by Amie Potsic.
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