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October 3, 2018

Natural Wonder Feature Artist: Caroline Elizabeth Savage

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid’s most recent exhibition, Natural Wonder, is on display at Park Towne Place, part of the Parkway Museum District, and will be showing until December 31st. Each week, check out InLiquid, as we will feature one of the artists of the exhibition on our blog.
Many people view nature as a peaceful, still, quiet place for refuge from the industrial world. For Caroline Elizabeth Savage, however, nature is hardly a static entity; it is closely associated with her various travels around the globe. She has lived in a diverse array of places, from Egypt to Pakistan, England to California, and she now resides in Carlisle Pennsylvania. During her many relocations,
Savage has seen nature in flux and through the windows of every possible mode of transportation. In Natural Wonder, her work reflects her experience of nature through a transitional lens that takes the motionless conception of nature and gives it the sense of dynamism that she has experienced so frequently.  
Her Cinematic Panoramas series connects the spaces that are usually liminal while driving on the highway. Meanwhile, her series Over/UnderStory layers trees together as if the viewer was a flaneur in the woods, not able to separate each individual tree branch, leaf, or trunk.
Her photographs themselves act as windows through which we get to see nature. Savage puts us in the shoes of the traveler, who perceives nature as an entity always just a tad out of reach because of its fleeting existence. Her art activates nature and takes it from a passive bystander of human pursuits to an assertive entity that stalks us throughout our daily bustling lives.
Come to visit Park Towne Place to support Keith Sharp’s art, in addition to other InLiquid member artists Caroline Savage, Laura Krasnow, Leo Hylan, and Jenny Lynn! This exhibition is curated by Amie Potsic.
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