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August 31, 2017

More Like ‘FuzzFeed,’ Teresa Shields ‘Trending Threads’ Says Plenty About the Social Media Obsessed

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Elizabeth Roan

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InLiquid artist Teresa Shields will exhibit her latest collection of work Trending Threads, at the Abington Art Center. Featuring 300 handcrafted embroidered character blocks in wool felt, Trending Threads compares and contrasts our urges on social media to the thoughtful (IRL) interactions with one another.
For gamers and those who love artful Instagrams, the best of both worlds combine with Teresa’s interactive installation. A real-life Twitter simulation will give guests the opportunity to spell out their own giant tweet on a handcrafted modular board with 4”x 4” character blocks to be Insta’d, Tweeted, & Snapped with the hashtag: #trendingthreads.
As the first resident fiber artist of the Abington Art Center, it took Teresa over a year to hand embroider each letter and character–quite a difference in word-choice when compared to the impulsive tap tap tap of tweets.  “I embroidered for eight, ten, sometimes twelve hour days and on average I would complete about three letters a day,” Teresa says. A rigorous process, one must suggest that a semiotician a la embroidery is among us.
For logo-and-blogo-philes alike, Trending Threads is expected to bring out the inner lover of words in us all, and hopefully set forth a stronger path in communication.
To learn more be sure to visit Abington Art Center and attend the opening reception of Trending Threads!
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