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April 18, 2019

Meet Our Interns: Lily Horner & Morgan Lloyd

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Suji Kanneganti

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Not many people realize this, but InLiquid is run by a very small team (About 6 people!).  You know what helps keep this Philly art-to-public connector running smoothly?
Our amazing interns!
Our internship program helps students gain real world experience behind the scenes of an art non-profit and fine art gallery- from design and communications, to editorial work, to physical art installation.
Get to know our 2018-19 editorial interns:
Suji: Introduce yourself!  Where do you go to school, and what are you studying?  
Morgan: I currently live in South Jersey and attend Camden County College.  I am a film and art major….I’ve always had a camera in one hand, and a pencil in the other.  So, to my parents dismay, I quickly abandoned of my political science major for the arts.
Any specific interests or goals in your field?  
No real goals, outside of creating, learning, and experimenting with what life has to offer. One of my ideal jobs is to be a film professor. Preferably, I want to teach film to art students. Without the blockbuster algorithm, one can make so many extraordinary works.  
Are you an artist?  [If not] Do you like creating things?
Yes, I am an artist. Albeit, an overworked one. I essentially live off of Adobe Suite with my film and graphic works. But I also dabble, with sketch and mixed media collage.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Living in Philadelphia with a master’s degree from Temple University. Preferably, with a job in a gallery and making experimental films on the side.
Favorite part about interning for an art non-profit (ie: InLiquid)?
We have the opportunity to learn about the behind the scenes of the art world. Plus, with all of the listings [that get posted to our public Calendar], it’s easy to know all of the opportunities and events going on around the city.
What’re you up to in your free time?
I’m either at home attempting to create a recipe from MasterChef, or roaming in Philadelphia with a hunger that cannot be satiated.
Do you have any personal projects your currently working on?
I’m doing a personal challenge to create a digital piece twice a week within 30 mins. It’s stressful, but I’m loving the results in design.  
Any favorite spots in the city?
A late night visit to Teassert Bar [in Chinatown] can lift anyone’s spirits.
Parakeets or sugar gliders?
Budgie (aka parakeet), no question. They are so full of personality. Plus, I love birds.
What’s your favorite type of art?

Experimental film and contemporary works.
What skills have you gained/what have you learned by interning with InLiquid?

I’ve learned the value of media presence and communication. If anything, InLiquid is showing me that consistency is the key to success.
Introduce yourself! Where are you from? Where did you go to school?
Lily: Hello, I’m Lily and I’m from Ambler, PA, which is where I am still residing. I went to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie NY.
What did you study?   Why?
Media Studies, which is about the analysis and production of art, video, music, books, digital, etc.  I was a Media Studies major because I wanted to study the intersections of different media and its influence on society. I couldn’t just be an English major or just an Art major or just a Film major. I wanted to do it all! So I did.
Any specific interests or goals in your field?  
I like writing.  Maybe I would like to write about art and/or film, television, music, and/or books, or the digital realm.
What is your ideal job? Why?
Ideally my job would be a housewife to a billionaire, but that’s probably not in the cards (haha), so I’d settle for a columnist or part of the regular writing staff of an independent online or print magazine.
Are you an artist?  [If not] Do you like creating things?
I’m not an artist, but I like drawing stuff casually and I consider myself an amateur blind contour drawer.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I have a job that I like. I live in a city (preferably Philly, but NYC and Chicago are nice places, too). I am writing regularly about people’s creative efforts and learning new things every day about the our world’s cultural fabric.
Favorite part about interning for an art non-profit (ie: InLiquid)?
I like knowing that I’m helping an org that is helping create opportunities not just for Philly artists, but for the people in the city to experience what’s currently happening in local art.
Any favorite spots in the city?
I used to be a volunteer at Philly AIDS Thrift and it’s probably the best store (thrift or otherwise) in the world.
What are you reading right now?  
I’m reading both Helter Skelter and One Hundred Years of Solitude. True crime and magical realism are two of my favorite genres, even though they almost directly oppose one another.
Parakeets or sugar gliders?
Sugar gliders. Birds creep me out.
What’s your favorite type of art?
I never really know how to classify what “type” of art I like, but you and Morgan told me that I like paintings with natural/organic forms, so that’s the type of art I like.  Also…give me lots of colors.
What skills have you gained/what have you learned by interning with InLiquid?
Aside from the many new programs and applications I’ve been introduced to, InLiquid has taught me that it’s important to maintain strong relationships with the community! “Community”  here meaning both professional and cultural connections.
If you are a student, recent graduate, or career-changer looking for experience in the arts&culture and/or non-profit sector, check out our 4 internship positions.

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