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January 20, 2013

Meet. Mingle. Network: PANMA

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Erica Minutella

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Young Professionals Preview Night is a special, high-profile preview cocktail reception and networking event for young professional leaders in the Philadelphia area.
There are over a dozen young professional groups participating. Get to know featured organization PANMA, as board member Reed Gustow answers a few of our questions.
Can you tell us a bit about your organization?
The Philadelphia Area New Media Association serves individuals and companies involved in digital development. By offering a professionally and socially friendly environment, PANMA enhances the interconnections in our community, encourages locally trained and educated professionals to make their homes in the Philadelphia region, and increases employment and business opportunities for our industry. PANMA has been connecting the interactive digital community since 1996.
What benefits does your organization offer a young professional?
PANMA is a ‘big tent’ organization within the Philadelphia tech-creative community. We are web developers, graphic designers, code writers, user interface and user experience designers, database programmers, game developers, application developers, videographers, photographers, writers and marketing professionals. We offer educational events covering a broad range of topics of interest to our community as well as social events and opportunities for personal and business networking.
Why should young professionals be encouraged to attend the preview night?
Preview night offers a chance to see fine, locally created art in many media, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about one of Philadelphia’s leading venues for art exhibition, information, and programs. In addition, it’s a chance to meet professionals in other fields, make personal connections and gain a broader view.
Do you think it’s important for young professionals to show an interest in art?
Yes. Viewing and interacting with art in its many forms enriches life. It provides inspiration and encourages thinking and perceiving along paths not previously considered. Seeing the results of the creative process can encourage one’s own creativity, or at least a deeper appreciation of the experience.
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