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January 17, 2013

Meet. Mingle. Network: Generation Stiletto

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Erica Minutella

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Today’s featured organization is Generation Stilleto. Career Wardrobe Education and Outreach Manager Caitlin Day answers a few of our questions about what you can expect from Young Professionals Preview Night:
Can you tell us a bit about your organization?
Generation Stiletto is the young professionals group that supports Career Wardrobe, a non-profit that provides professional clothing and job readiness training to women entering the workforce. Generation Stiletto organizes and hosts quarterly events that engage members in volunteer service, events, and professional development opportunities.
What benefits does your organization offer a young professional?
We provide young professionals access to a meaningful and highly impactful volunteer experience with a leading non-profit in the Philadelphia area. We also host professional development events for members that may otherwise be cost prohibitive. We connect professionals on their way up with women who are just starting and allow our members to support each other and our clients in a very unique symbiotic relationship.
What do you think young professionals will get out of the preview night?
The preview night creates a fun, creative atmosphere where young professionals can relax and meet new people, engage with area organizations, and get a sneak peak at the art! Becoming engaged with Philadelphia organizations and artists will help young professionals to feel more connected to their awesome city.
Do you think it’s important for young professionals to be involved in the local cultural scene?
A city’s culture is its lifeblood. Getting involved with the local cultural scene connects you to your city in a way that nothing else does. It shows you what the city is feeling, how it is viewing itself and the rest of the world, and what it wants. Philly has great artists of all kinds and it is about time we start supporting each other.
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