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January 26, 2020

Marguerite Rodgers in our 2020 Benefit and Silent Auction

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Lily Horner

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Step into the customized Marguerite Rodgers vignette in our 2020 Benefit & Silent Auction and you will immediately feel at home. Saying “customized Marguerite Rodgers vignette” is a little redundant, though, since every space they design is specifically catered to each client they work with. The company prides itself on being “transformers of the ordinary into the extraordinary,” and helping people achieve their individual visions. Working both with corporate and residential spaces, Marguerite Rodgers herself says that the company is “chameleon-like. We can adapt to the client whether it’s a residential or professional space. We collaborate with organizations and people who are very engaged and very involved in the project because our goal is to interpret and create someone’s fantasy and understand their needs.”
The space they designed for InLiquid’s Benefit beautifully represents this year’s theme of Everyone’s a Collector. It combines traditional art with eclectic furniture, plants, and books, because (as we know by now), collecting doesn’t solely apply to art!
The standout piece is a chaise lounge from 1968 designed by Airborne Aeronautics – an actual airline company! Technically, the lounge is supposed to live outside, but by bringing it into the gallery, Rodgers follows the firm’s mission to “creating space that redefines original dimensions and purpose”. Along with the lounge, you can find a writing desk with great character, a Bertoia chair, Brazilian hand-tooled stools, and books galore. The space “shows different methods [of decorating] and has things people will really love,” according to Rodgers.
When asked why Marguerite Rodgers wanted to collaborate with InLiquid, Rodgers appreciates that InLiquid can “reach out to the greater community” and that we “are able to work with a variety of different artists.” Rodgers herself is a collector and shares InLiquid’s credo that everyone is a collector. She designed the space specifically to create a space for a person who collects a myriad of things: furniture, books, music, and art.
Anyone and everyone can become a collector of unique furniture and original and thought-provoking art like that in Rodger’s vignette, as well as a supporter of the local art community in Philadelphia. Join us at our Benefit and Silent Auction to add to or start your own collection! Everything in the space is up for auction, including the books and furniture, so get it while you can!
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