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January 18, 2018

Looking at Los Tres Divinos by Henry Bermudez

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Suji Kanneganti

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Last week, Park Towne Place held its opening reception for The Interconnectedness of All Things, an exhibit showing the work of three InLiquid artists who explore the relationships between cosmic, biological, and metaphysical structures in a wide range of media, from yarn to paint to mixed media sculpture.
Henry Bermudez, a Philadelphia artist initially from Venezuela, discussed his work Los Tres Divinos, a large 84″x77″ acrylic painting on loose canvas. The piece was a mesmerizing star for the night, as its swirling colors and divine characters speak to an unconscious part of our souls that may be more familiar with the ancient mythologies Bermudez pulls from.  The piece is dreamy as it is mysterious…inviting viewers to dive in.
“We have become so disconnected,” stated Bermudez, about his artistic philosophies and what he wants his viewers to take away. He wishes to bring viewers into these forgotten stories that are more important than are given credit in our fast-paced society.  
And while his personal vision is profound and genuine, Bermudez’s process is not without humor.  I caught Bermudez later during the event to ask about the white legs in the top right corner, which appears as an artistic intention to stand out against the color.  With a chuckle, he admitted, “It is a sort of joke!  I imagine Adam turned white as a ghost when Eve bit the apple!”
Goes to show that being a serious artist does not mean losing your sense of inner child.
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