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September 19, 2018

Linda Brenner’s Cats Become a Permanent Outdoor Installation at the Woodmere

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Suji Kanneganti

See the exhibition here


Who could resist having one (or more) of these beauties?
The series Woodmere Cats began with a dedicated portrait drawing of the artist’s cat, Omar, who was diagnosed with cancer.  Brenner later bridged the drawing to a bronze casted sculpture, the first made at PaFA, where she was teaching at the time in 1987.
Two years later, she casted a second edition of cats, of which is included in the series now at the Woodmere.
More of her cats have been seen installed in the past at other locations, including Eastern State Penitentiary.
Who knows where they’ll pop up next…you can keep up with Linda by following her on Instagram: @brennerwoman
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