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May 18, 2016

Just Another Conversation with Cats – Interview with Kitty Rotten

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Elizabeth Roan

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It’s not everyday you get to see a band wearing kitty skull-caps with a lead singer dressed as a large plush tuxedo-cat (think GWAR, only cuter).Meet the band Kitty Rotten: local Philadelphia rock band and quite the enigma in getting to know. They will be performing at our Art For The Cash Poor Main Event on Saturday June 4, 2016. While we will also be featuring pets you can adopt or find a forever home, we also have the perfect band to serenade you to do so—only proving further that Art For The Cash Poor is more than an art fair.
Our intern Leon Boone reports:
Leon: The first thing I noticed about you all, obviously, were the cat skull lucha masks and the cat head. Where did you get the idea for the band’s name and appearance?
Kitty Rotten: Well, the band is named after me, Kitty Rotten. I got my name while I was just a wee stray kitty roaming the streets in Anytown, USA. A cat’s gotta make a living, so I used to hustle for my kibble and I wasn’t always a straight shooter. Other cats called me Kitty Rotten and the name stuck. As far as my appearance,   I was the runt of the litter but then had a growth spurt when I became the 7 foot tom cat you see before you today. As far as the rest of the band, they are all in the kitty protection program, thus the masks help to hide their true identity.
Leon: Who are some of the bands or artists that influenced you?
KR: There are so many. The Stray Cats, Cat Stevens, the Pussycat Dolls, Boomtown Rats, RATT, deadmau5, Pet Shop Boys, I could go on and on.  
Leon: How did you all get into music?
KR: I was discovered by a talent scout one night while serenading my first love, a beautiful Persian named Snowball. The rest is history.
Leon: What other things interest you that you think people should know? Are any of you into art or artists?
KR: We usually spend our free time chasing after crinkle balls and red laser dots.  We all love art, especially the work of Louis Wain.  For some reason his work just speaks to us.
Leon: What are you most excited about for this year’s Art for the Cash Poor?
KR: Really hoping to see some more cat inspired art. I am happy to make myself available to pose for any of the artists for a reasonable fee of sardines and whisky.
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