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December 20, 2017

Join Our Mission to Keep Creativity Alive in Philadelphia

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Kim Minutella

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Since 1999, InLiquid has been working to promote the arts in Philadelphia by creating a network between local artists and the community. Each year, InLiquid hosts a series of exhibitions in venues that span all across the Philadelphia area. From the Painted Bride Art Center, to Park Towne Place, and Crane Arts, InLiquid projects have never shied away from tackling a broad variety of themes–ranging from personal experiences, human connections, fantastical creations, charity, and social injustice–which is what makes their work as a non-profit arts organization so unique and important to the Philadelphia Art Community. InLiquid creates opportunities for both emerging and experienced artists, and encourage growth, public outreach, and portfolio building.
With the end of 2017 fast approaching, InLiquid needs your help! Join us in our mission to promote the arts in Philadelphia by donating to our Annual Appeal.
By donating, you help us in:
–  maintaining our monthly newsletters, which provide resources for exhibitions and job opportunities for artists and students.
– raising awareness for our goal to open up our own gallery space to display our members’ work.
–  promoting our members through exhibitions and website updates with artists resumes and member news.
– helping to keep membership rates affordable.
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