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January 16, 2019

JJ’s Suspenders Bring Back a Once-staple Male Fashion Accessory to the Benefit

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Nell Mittelstead

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InLiquid has always been a big believer in the revitalization of the old, so that they can once again be fresh, once again be seen as new, cutting edge, and “in-vogue.” JJ’s Suspenders felt the same way about Supportive Accessories. Why shouldn’t suspenders be reinvigorated in the way that high-waisted jeans were back in 2010? Why shouldn’t we take back what was, for so long, a staple of male fashion, and make it new, and make it for everybody? That is just what Jackson Cunningham and Josh Bluman had in mind when they created JJ’s Suspenders and started selling hand-made, stylish, affordable suspenders.
InLiquid is glad to say, that as suspenders are wont to do, JJ’s Suspenders are lifting us up, as one of the businesses sponsoring InLiquid’s 2019 Benefit. How could we not address, (ad-DRESS) the importance of affordable, stylish, accessories that add that extra little classy touch to an outfit? InLiquid understands, whole heartedly, the importance of a little cutting-edge design.

Everyone can be in need of a little lifting up every now and then. As you peruse the InLiquid’s silent auction during the 2019 Benefit, consider adding  JJ’s Suspenders to your repertoire of accessories. After all, everyone is a collector!

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