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May 10, 2018

Inspiration From The Outside In

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Elizabeth Roan

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According to Krista Dedrick Lai, one of the exhibiting artists of InLiquid’s newest exhibition, Inside Out, “to me, the thirty-five-minute naps became representative of the fragmented nature of time in early parenthood,” when talking about how her free time became segmented into small chunks, to which her art-practice would have to adapt to. Her Napscapes series shows her imagination on fire during the limited period of time she gave herself to create works.
Napscape 19 by Krista Dedrick Lai
This is just one example of the premise of The InLiquid Gallery’s newest installment, Outside In, an exhibition about the definitive outside influences to an artist’s practice. From emigrating to the United States, to painting while being a new mother, the circumstances and constraints of an artist’s experience and environment can profoundly affect how, when, and why art is made.
Márton Szabó’s work reflects on his first impressions of moving to Philadelphia from Budapest. One of his paintings is an early portrait of his Philadelphia friend, Ed, at a backyard party. “A little girl, Hanna, created something from everybody’s hair–Ed got a little ‘brush'”. Another portrait on display is of the ever-so-famous “Philly Jesus”— the first encounter of Szabó’s during the Democratic National Convention.
Ed by Márton Szabó
Other artists exhibiting include Alice Gonglewski, Eli Smith, and János Korodi. Outside In is also the second-half of a two-part exhibition. Inside Out, the first exhibition was about artists returning to a place of familiarity to guide their compositions. Outside In reflects what artists had to adapt to during moments of change.
The exhibition opens on May 10th, during Crane Arts Second Thursday event. Click here to join us!
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