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December 2, 2016

InLiquid Artist Demonstrations: Emily Cobb Presents Wearable Illustrations

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Kim Minutella

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It’s the last weekend for InLiquid Artist Demonstrations at Blick Art Materials. This weekend, join InLiquid Artist Emily Cobb for the live demonstration, Gold Leafing on Jewelry. Emily Cobb is an artist that combines narrative with jewelry. Her work takes influences from illustration and fashion, and she creates wearable stories.
Site Editor Kim Minutella was excited to have a chat with Emily about her work and her live demonstration coming up this Saturday, December 3rd:
Kim: How did you become fascinated with illustration, and what influenced you to combine storytelling with jewelry?
Emily: Chris Van Allsburg’s illustrations for his children’s book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a major inspiration for my illustrative jewelry. The book consists of several beautiful black and white drawings of mysterious and imaginary scenes from a story, each image only accompanied by a single caption to spark the reader’s imagination.  The drawings do not provide the reader with the full story, but instead allowed them to imagine their own beginning and end.  I was interested in trying to inspire imagination in the same way, but through a less conventional format.  Jewelry, not being confined to a wall or pedestal, may also travel out into the public to encourage further dialog about the work, and that interaction interested me.

Kim: What are some of the challenges you have faced when making your work (can be conceptual challenges, design challenges, etc)?
Emily: Earlier on I would have said the reaction (or overreaction) to the majority of my work incorporating 3D printing.  I love the medium of 3D modeling and 3D printing to create my work, but I also encountered some negative reactions to this digital process since it meant that my work was not completely made “by hand”.  These days that is not as much of a challenge, and now I am more concerned about making work that is interesting in form and composition, but also feels very wearable and durable.
Kim: This Saturday at Blick Art Materials, you are hosting the live demonstration, Gold Leafing on Jewelry. Can you give us a sneak peak at what’s in store for the demonstration? Will it be an interactive experience?
Emily: I am bringing a piece of jewelry with me that is ready to have gold leaf applied to its surface and will be applying the leaf during my demonstration.  My hope is to also invite viewers to try out this process for themselves, so the final finish on the work is a collaboration!  Thanks again to InLiquid and Blick Art Supplies for this opportunity.
From 1 – 3 pm,  join InLiquid and Emily Cobb for an exploration of jewelry and story telling at the Chestnut Street Blick Art Materials location!
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