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Art for the Cash Poor
June 7, 2018

Indie Chic @ AFTCP ’18

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Suji Kanneganti

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Less than 2 weeks away from our fave art block party in the city! Art For The Cash Poor 2018 will be dishing out fine art and crafts of all kinds–including some that will appeal to the local trendsetters (we see you!). Check out some of these swank vendors to be seen this weekend:
Rainbow Feather
Have an old jacket in need of some pop? We vote Rainbow Feather’s pop culture aesthetic.  She’ll have handmade patches, pins, and shirts available.
Subnormal Child
If indie boho and goth got together, Subnormal Child would be the product lovechild. Lauren Schwind will have art and apparel for sale at her booth.
Slam Dunk Spice Boys
Care for a Goddess Moon Pendant?  Or a galactic print? Slam Dunk Spice Boys are your guys this weekend.
Prints from Jedidiah Gallery
We love these irresistible artists’ prints from Jedidiah…how could you say no to that cat by Herb Uhao?
Marton Szabo
Cat lovers and dog lovers will trip over Marton’s works on paper.  Beloved critters in abstracted bright colors will perk up any blank wall.
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