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February 14, 2011

In My Body: Reworks at the Painted Bride

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This winter, InLiquid engages the Painted Bride Art Center and the KatherineAlexandra Fund in collaboration for In My Body: Reworks, a group exhibition exploring the human form. Tonight marks the opening of the show at the Painted Bride Café Gallery. The exhibition features work by Leah MacDonald, Susan Cunningham, Laurie Beck Peterson, Benjamin C. Pierce, and Heather Sincavage. Each artist will show 4-6 works, affording the viewer an invaluable multiplicity of viewpoints on the issue.
Reworks is inscribed within a larger multi-arts project conceived and sponsored in part by the KatherineAlexandra Fund- In My Body meditates, through a variety of media, on body image, self-perception, and the translation of these phenomena into esteem and identity. It draws inspiration from the photography of Leah MacDonald and owes its name to a song written by Dan Martin and Michael Biello. The first manifestation of the project was a 20-year retrospective of MacDonald’s encaustic photographs of women shown last year at Wexler Gallery in Old City.
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