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March 20, 2020

How Artists Stuart Lehrman and Michael Marks Remain Creative During Self-Quarantine

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Jasmine Noble

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During this time it may be hard to keep yourself busy as a lot of us are at home. InLiquid members, Stuart Lerhman and Michael Marks share their experiences coping with self-quarantine.
When asked what they are doing to stay sane:
Lerhman: Making art, gardening, playing golf, cooking, cleaning the house.
Marks: I work from home. But I am also doing quite a bit of reading, writing blog entries, working in my darkroom and getting our new Monalog Collective moving forward. Two of my recent photographs (images top left) were selected by Emmet Gowin to appear in the upcoming Annual Phillips Mill Photography Exhibit to be held in Bucks County. Unfortunately, the exhibit was canceled due to Covid-19 but will be shown online. I expect to get out and make more photographs!
It may seem like there is nothing to do at home during this time, but these artists show how keeping yourself busy and staying active can make the day go by a little quicker.
Marks suggests, “Try to maintain as much of a normal life as possible and do whatever is necessary to ‘keep your head in the game’ with respect to your art during this difficult time.”
Lerhman says, “Whiskey over ice,” when asked if he has any advice for others.
As you can see, the possibilities are endless right now and it’s important to stay active and wash your hands.
These artists have suggestions about how to make sure you are washing your hands for 20 seconds.
Marks: “Sing Happy Birthday while washing.”
Lerhman: “Sing Yesterday by The Beatles.”
Although washing your hands is very important right now; finding a good book or Netflix show is just as important. Here’s what Marks suggest to read:
Marks: “I’ve been reading the five Game of Thrones books. Almost done with the last one.”
During this time it is important as artists to focus on your craft. Marks likes to work in his darkroom alone, while Lerhman is working on his On Paper-Portal Series (left).
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