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January 28, 2019

Honoring our Honorary Chairs: David Rago and Suzanne Perrault

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Lily Horner

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The InLiquid Benefit, if you haven’t already heard, is all about encouraging everyone from all over the Philadelphia area that everyone is an art collector;; no one knows that more than David Rago and Suzanne Perrault from Rago Arts and Auction Center. Rago and Perrault, this year’s Benefit honorary chairs, run Rago Arts out of New Jersey and take pride in their ability to adeptly build people’s collections.
David appreciates the concept of building one’s collection from scratch, as he started his dealing career at a Jersey flea market when he was only 16. These days, David Rago oversees the auction center (mid-way between NYC and Philadelphia, acting as a branch between the two art communities) that brings in $30 million in annual sales. Both Rago and Perrault are experts in ceramics and porcelain: they not only lecture nationally on the topic, but they also share their knowledge on Antiques Roadshow. Yearly, David and Suzanne reach thousands with either their personal service, competitive commissions, or global reach.
As our honorary chairs, art dealers Rago and Perrault align with the spirit of InLiquid’s motto going into this year’s Benefit: everyone is a collector. You are a collector; your friends are collectors; your family are collectors. While starting an art collection might seem like a task reserved for the upper echelon of the art world, our benefit aims to make that goal a reality for anyone and everyone. You may not have a collection quite yet, but when you come to our benefit you will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the stunning art up for auction to start accumulating that collection today.

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