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June 27, 2019

Honoring Dina Wind

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Olivia Haynes

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If you missed any of her dozen solo shows or over 100 juried and group exhibitions, Sculpture in the Glen is another opportunity to honor and witness the abstract compositions of late artist, Dina Wind (1938-2014). A Philadelphia transplant, originally from Israel, Dina and her husband, Jerry Wind, have been extremely supportive in fostering, showcasing, and empowering artists around the city.
Dina worked primarily in metal sculpture, breathing new life into tossed away scrap metal, car parts, and tools. Dina has been honored many times for her environmentally-conscious sculptures and received many awards including the Robert Kramer Memorial Award for Sculpture (1991), the Louise Cramer Award for Sculpture(1992), Merit Award for Sculpture, Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, Three Rivers Arts Festival (1998), First Prize, Sculpture, Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2000 Juried Exhibition (2000) to just name a few. Most recently she received a posthumous award for Outstanding Philadelphia Artist Award at the Philadelphia Arts Fair in April 2019 at the first Philadelphia Fine Arts Fair.
After her death, the Dina Wind Art Foundation was created with the intention of upholding and sharing Dina’s art and work supporting the arts and with the intention of supporting Philadelphia-area artists with a focus on female sculptors and the arts with through things such as scholarships, commissions, and lectures. All net sales of Dina’s art directly support the Foundation’s mission.

Dina Wind’s legacy carries on and continues to empower arts throughout the city through the groundwork that she laid down in her 30 plus year career and the work her family is continuing.
Her son, John Y. Wind has an upcoming exhibition at The InLiquid Gallery later this year and will be part of CraftNOW’s 2019 Craft Month. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information.
For more information about Dina Wind visit here
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