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July 24, 2019

Help Bring ‘Once Home’ to Life!

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Elizabeth Roan

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How do you define “home?” In the spring of 2020, InLiquid will explore that question by exhibiting the photography of two self-taught African-American artists, Howard Traivers and Khalif Rivers. Titled Once Home, this exhibition will show how the two artists capture what is left behind amidst the rapidly changing urban landscape of Philadelphia, also inviting homeless youth to participate in art-making workshops to express their experiences living in Philadelphia.
With your help, we can bring this exhibition to life. In 2015, Traivers became homeless and took shelter in an abandoned factory where his father was once employed. There, he developed a strength of purpose through the art of photography. Once Home shares his story along with that of the photographer, Khalif Rivers. Both photographers each grew up alongside the collapse of manufacturing in Philadelphia. These stories are increasingly important to tell in the context of South Kensington, Philadelphia where there is a surge of real estate development alongside the city’s largest homeless population. Homeless youth from local shelters will participate in discussions and art-making workshops in the exhibition at InLiquid Gallery.
The Once Home project is organized by InLiquid, who over the past 20 years, has worked with nearly 1,000 local painters, sculptors, photographers, and craftspeople. When you choose to support Once Home, you are giving a voice to artists who would not otherwise have the resources to print, frame, and display their work. You are giving a platform for their stories to be told. Your generosity further extends to the next generation when InLiquid uses this platform as a venue for art-making workshops for 30-50 homeless youth to express themselves among their peers
Bring Once Home to Life With Your Support!
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