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September 17, 2018

Happy 19th Birthday InLiquid Art + Design!

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Imani Miller

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Founded in 1999 by Philadelphia-based artist and NYU graduate Rachel Zimmerman, InLiquid started as a casual, small nonprofit online exhibition venue, meeting place, and information resource for artists. The organization quickly expanded its role with an increased number of members, expanded site content, and a regular series of public programs and exhibitions.
InLiquid mobilizes and makes accessible the visual arts culture of the greater Philadelphia region in order to unite communities, establish wider audiences for artists and designers, facilitate the relationship between artists and collectors, and nurture the public’s appreciation of all forms of visual art.
Nineteen Years of Building a Creative Community
September 17th, 2018 marks the 19th anniversary of InLiquid! From its humble beginnings as a simple nonprofit online exhibition website, to its breakthrough in helping launch hundreds of artists develop their careers, reinventing spaces into art galleries, and transforming friendly relationships into fulfilling partnerships, InLiquid has evolved tremendously during its nineteen years of practice—and its still only a teenager! The organization now boasts a multitalented team of professionals (also active in the arts and culture scene) each with an individual area of expertise, and creative vision necessary in building steps for InLiquid’s future. Community is the core of what InLiquid has to offer. What has always set InLiquid apart is its ability to provide the necessary tools for artists to thrive in Philadelphia–and beyond. Whether through building partnerships to create gallery spaces or simply introducing one of InLiquid’s member artists to an art collector, InLiquid continues to be eager in making connections, building relationships, and above all helping artists push the necessary boundaries.
Acquisitions and Art Consulting  
InLiquid’s passion and enthusiasm for artists, both emerging and established, has allowed itself to partner with some of Philadelphia’s most well-known establishments. Over the years we’ve continued great relationships with organizations and corporations such as Aimco, The Courtyard at Marriott, Old City Publishing, Che Bow Wow, University of Pennsylvania, URBN inc., Rittenhouse 1715, Archer Law, River’s Edge at Bridgeton House, Painted Bride Cafe Gallery, the newly built Market East, and our ongoing partnership with Park Town Place Apartment Homes. Partnering with large corporations have pushed us to fine-tune our public programming, development skills, and has widened the horizons for exhibition spaces for our hundreds of artists.
Philly Focused Social Media
Our passion for art goes hand in hand with our drive to use social media platforms as beacons for our artists and our gallery. With a Facebook following that has expanded to over 6,000 and over 5,000 Instagram followers, there is nowhere, where our members can’t be seen.
Annual Programming Engaging and Continuously Building the Cultural Community
Whilst expanding in public programming and social media has been a huge achievement for InLiquid, we are keen to continue to work alongside the local community in our annual programming. Back in 2016, we created  Art For Action: programming focused on creating accessibility for youth and disadvantaged communities to the arts, which was inspired by InLiquids Juvenile In Justice exhibition. Also each year, we’ve continued to have a successful and fun time at Art for the Cash Poor: a summer event encouraging the inner-art-collector in us all. This year we made a special switch in locations from the Crane building to the Spring Arts District of Callowhill in partnership with Arts + Crafts Holdings.
What’s Next for InLiquid?
InLiquid has gone through a tremendous evolution so far, still maintaining its mission to mobilize and make accessible the visual arts culture of the greater Philadelphia; and its vision to make art culture is so deeply integrated with the community that everyone can be a collector, regardless of socioeconomic position, profession, and location. In 2019, we look forward to continuing our Benefit, with the intention to encourage Philadelphians and beyond to start their art collections as young professionals, enhance art collections as seasoned art collectors, and celebrate all that brings us together as artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. It is safe to say: the creative community Rachel had envisioned, nineteen years ago, is still alive and thriving. InLiquid certainly has come incredibly far and still has a long way too go, but the future holds bright!
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