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September 2, 2010

Glassphemy! Comes to Philadelphia

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Erica Minutella

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What do bulletproof glass, broken beer bottles, and vacant lots have in common? While your first inclination may be to associate these things with staging straight out of a murder scene from Law and Order, David Belt, of the design firm Macro Sea, may soon have you thinking otherwise.
His new Brooklyn project Glassphemy! merges recycling initiatives and social experimentation in a 20 by 30 foot art installation featuring a room constructed from steel frames and bulletproof glass. The colossal structure allows visitors standing above the piece to smash beer bottles against the walls, thereby activating a lighting system set to go off in response to the vibrations created by the impact of the bottles.
Originally envisioned during a community design charrette in Philadelphia, Glassphemy! will be returning to the city of its conception, presented by InLiquid and Community Design Collaborative as a part of DesignPhiladelphia, in partnership with KSNAC (Kensington South Neighborhood Advisory Council) and NKCDC (New Kensington Development Corporation). The piece will remain on display in the Crane Arts Building, 1400 N. American Street, from October 12 through 17.
In addition, Glassphemy! will be part of two major events on October 17. From 11 am to 4 pm, the piece will be on view during CAFé, the Community Arts Festival presented by InLiquid at Crane Arts. Immediately afterward, it will act as the site for DesignPhiladelphia’s official closing party.
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