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July 27, 2019

Get transported at “Chance Encounter”

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Olivia Haynes

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Need to escape the heat this weekend and can’t go down to the shore? Come relish in air conditioning and indulge in some great art down in Parkway Museums District and check out our show Chance Encounter at Park Towne Place.
Chance Encounter features work from artists Megan T. Biddle, Keith R. Breitfeller, Annette Cords, Peter Cunicelli, Kevin B. Huang, Jacque Liu, Sarah Kate Burgess, Rick Salafia, and Diane Szczepaniak. The artists included experiment with color, light, and form and have presented pieces that offer a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of our every day to transport us into a world full of wonder. Journey through the 3 distinct parts of Chance Encounter: Light, Form, and Color. South Tower Gallery explores the influences of Light. In North Tower Gallery you are introduced to unusual ready-made materials and sculptural object as this portion is focused on Form. West Tower Gallery envelops you into the world of vivid hues, shades, and tones that is the Color portion of the exhibition.
You don’t need to travel far to experience a new world. We hope to see you at Chance Encounter before it closes on September 8!
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