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June 2, 2017

From Studio to Storefront — Highlighting a Few AFTCP 2017 Vendors

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Elizabeth Roan

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InLiquid is proud to present our annual summer art sale at the Crane Arts Building, Art for the Cash Poor 2017. Based on the premise that everyone can be an art collector, AFTCP is one of the longest running art festivals in the Kensington/Fishtown area. The focus of the event is that all works, both by emerging and established artists alike, are priced at under two hundred dollars. It is a unique event that brings artists and the public together in an accessible way for everyone.
Every day, I’m Hustlin’–Art! The Labor of Love in Creating and Selling Art
Bringing original art to the marketplace is an arduous task all starting from one place: the studio, in the hopes of it finding its final place: the home. With the combined forces of pristine craftsmanship and strategic marketing, many artists also play the role of an entrepreneur when finding the right home to house their work. From partnering with small shops to vending at art fairs much like Art for the Cash Poor, today’s blog features a few artists whose art has graced many homes and wardrobes across the country.
Sandra Mournet Tarcov
Born and raised on the upper east side of Manhattan, then moved to Philadelphia years ago to work for CBS-TV, Sandra is now retired and has found, “the only thing I really have the patience for, and that is Bead Weaving.” Self-taught thanks to beading magazines and Youtube tutorials, Sandra is now in the 8th year of making jewelry and still learning new techniques. Using only top-of-the-line beads imported from Japan and the Czech Republic, her jewelry is woven using a beading needle and fishing line. She has sold her work exclusively through InLiquid and has found much success in meeting each person she’s sold her jewelry to. You can find Sandra all weekend at Art for the Cash Poor.
Carly and Dave Ceramics  
With their primary focus on Majolica ceramics, Carly Van Anglen and David Ferro work collaboratively on hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery and sculpture from their Glenside, Pennsylvania-based studio.
With David’s skill in ceramics, Carly’s in textile design, and a shared inspiration from Iznik pottery, Italian Renaissance majolica, and Mexican Talavera pottery, their current work explores movements in stylized form and color, quoting the rich history of the tin-glazed ceramic influences that inspire them. You can find Carly and Dave on Friday and Saturday at Art for the Cash Poor.
Azellaz – Abbie Zelip  
Abbie Zelip creates functional, everyday objects that are designed around natural materials. Finding herself in an abstract tech career, her craft originated in a deep need to set aside the analytical brain and explore tangible objects and processes. Exploring everything from the way colors are extracted from plants in a dye bath to the way leather can be bent and sculpted, Abbie’s exploration led to her current line of bags, which prioritize materials and usefulness. You can find Abbie and her amazing bags at Art for the Cash Poor on Saturday.
Melissa Madonni Haims  
Melissa Maddonni Haims is a fiber artist based in Philadelphia. She creates knit graffiti, soft sculpture, and large-scale installations using knitted and crocheted yarns. Additionally, she sews unconventional quilts using vintage fabrics and subversive text. In 2014 she was featured on an A&E network television program about artists who make work out of unusual materials. She is also a yarn-bomber–a form of street art and graffiti with knitting–and has been doing so internationally since 2010. Own a piece of your own, and meet Melissa on Sunday of Art for the Cash Poor.
This is only to name a few of the many artists showing at AFTCP 2017. We look forward to seeing you at Art for the Cash Poor Weekend! Join us from June 16th-18th at 1400 N. American Street.

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