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January 14, 2019

Everyone can be a Collector, Let rareCo. Show You at The 2019 Benefit!

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Nell Mittelstead

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InLiquid is thrilled to be sponsored by rareCo.’s for this year’s 2019 Benefit. rareCo. Vintage is a one-of-a-kind vintage furniture, art, and home goods store operating on 410 Fitzwater Street, right off Fabric Row in Queen Village. In a departure from the ordinary gallery displays, and in a first for both rareCo. Vintage and InLiquid, rareCo. will be “setting up shop” so to speak, by creating four vignettes in the InLiquid Gallery for the 2019 Benefit. All aspects of these scenes will be available to bid on, purchase, and take home, for all Benefit visitors. Guests will able to walk away from the event, not only with a new piece of art under-arm but with an entire living room set as well.
We recently interviewed rareCo about the upcoming collaboration, here is what they shared with us:
What effect are you looking to make with these vignettes?
First and foremost, our intention is to compliment the artwork, which might require a room full of furniture, or simply open space. Any staging we do will aim to enhance the power of the art through its relationship to other objects in the room; chairs, flowers, folkish artifacts. There should be a visible conversation occurring.
Is this the first time rareCo has curated a space in a gallery?
This is our first time curating a proper gallery, though we constantly refresh our retail space, which has several rooms that each rely on juxtaposition to effectively evoke a point of view.  The most inspired way to design a room is around original artwork, so getting to work with all this amazing art is a dream job.  
What do you like most about this partnership of rareCo and InLiquid?
Being massive fans of InLiquid, we are thrilled to collaborate on this year’s Benefit. We purchased a piece of art at least year’s event and absolutely love it.
Not to mention we think it’s really cool that InLiquid and rareCo both have the capital letters smack dab in the middle of our names. We also deeply appreciate the creative freedom that Rachel and the InLiquid team have encouraged, and InLiquid’s interest in redefining the gallery-going experience.  

Is there something you want visitors to come away with, a particular idea or feeling, after seeing these spaces?
After visiting the InLiquid Gallery, we hope that visitors feel compelled to take more risks in their own home, and also try to create more visual connections between the objects that surround them.
Something we’ve discovered in remixing our collection on Fitzwater Street is that switching up the decor can completely change the energy of a space.
Is there something you want guests to know about buying art and furniture for their own homes? I.e. some tips to make them more comfortable with the idea about buying art for their homes?
Collecting artwork is a natural consequence of nesting, no different than ancient carvings on a cave wall.  We are all biologically inclined to customize or curate our lives with art that speaks to us.  It might not always be the most attractive thing (we have a green crayon Godzilla drawing in the store that was probably drawn by a 5th grader) but it should possess a soul, or more specifically, a curiosity.  And it should be worth building a story around.  

There are rules of course, but we prefer to let those rules evolve by breaking them.  Putting the wrong color or material into a room helps to define its limits. Too many complimentary objects can become boring without agitation, which is the underlying truth of eclecticism.  
Is anything else you would like our readers to know?

rareCo currently lives at 410 Fitzwater Street, right off Fabric Row in Queen Village, Philadelphia. We showcase an extensive and ever-changing collection of vintage furniture, art, and home goods. Our website is  
We also help clients decorate, and stage commercial spaces. The Pop Up with New Age Realty and Habithèque’s Cherry Street Pier gathering space are two of our most recent commissions. All floral arrangements are courtesy of Walter Pine, better known as wonder-couple Christina and David Cavagnaro.
To see the possibilities of the art, furniture, sculpture, up for auction at this year’s Benefit, buy your ticket or start your bidding on January 14th at

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