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July 19, 2018

Deep Sea Whimsicality—Light Sculptures of Adam Wallacavage

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Suji Kanneganti

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South Philly local Adam Wallacavage is winning over all our hearts with his sub oceanic lighting…
(I mean, how could you not want one of these chandeliers in your home?)
He pulls inspiration from sea adventure stories and gaudy church decoration.  His popular octopus chandeliers mix elements of Surrealism with Art Nouveau, made by casting their forms using traditional ornamental plastering techniques, then paints them with colored resin, iridescent powders, and—get this—glitter!  
Did you know the sculptor started out as a photo major at University of the Arts, right here in Philly?  Find out more about his story and process at his upcoming artist talk at Park Towne Place where he will cover the span of his artistic career and exuberant works of art.

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