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January 7, 2019

Daring and Defying – Work by Gerri Spilka to be Part of InLiquid’s Silent Auction

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Morgan Lloyd

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The 2019 InLiquid Benefit is just around the corner! Until then, we will be featuring everything from artists’ works that will be part of the silent auction, to fun items and experiences also up for auction! Stay tuned each day for new features
As our 20th-anniversary approaches, we are reminded of how impactful art is within people’s’ lives. Art is interpersonal—its value is drawn from inspiration from both its creator and collector. Outside of aesthetics, the root of art is the story it tells. Our artists have unique stories of overcoming difficulty and experience. Some of these, we hope, you connect to as well. Their stories can kick-start your collection, and inspire you just as much (if not more) as a Matisse!
One of our phenomenal creators is Gerri Spilka.  
Gerri’s style has evolved into the antitheses of her beginnings. Long before her 10 years of fabrics construction, Spilka was always an artist. Formally, she was a social scientist, architect, and an urban planner. In those realms, creativity does come in handy but the levels of expression are entirely different. As time went on she decided to carve her own path. Between the years of 2008 and 2017, Spilka decided to broaden her education of the arts with a prime focus on fabric construction.
Spilka’s never-ending pursuit for education has taught helped her to develop a modern take on quilting, unlike any other. Since she has created award-winning fiber arts that demonstrate the potentiality of color and form. Her goal is to marry her two passions. Her art is about discoing the ambiguity within urban society and expressed forms.
If her design doesn’t capture your attention, then the scale certainly will! Quite like herself, all of her pieces are experimental and charming. The engrossing sensation you feel when looking at one of her works is all masterfully put together through experimentation. Pieces, quite like “That Girl” that will be featured at our Benefit, are the birth-child of traditional fabric work and digital mediums.
Perhaps one of her pieces can find themselves within your personal collection? Start your bids on January 14th and be sure to get your tickets for the benefit today!

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