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October 26, 2017

CELEBRATE Your Collection with There is Love by PD Packard

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Kim Minutella

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As the 2017 InLiquid Benefit approaches, we are excited to showcase the exclusive pieces to be sold at our silent auction. In preparation for our Main Event we encourage collectors, both seasoned and new, to celebrate art, community, and their city while supporting their local arts organizations, such as InLiquid.
If you have a love of nature and insects, then There is Love by PD Packard, may just worm its way into your heart at the Benefit. Having studied Entomology, PD Packard is an artist that works with a variety of mediums. She combines printmaking and embossing with watercolor painting and aniline dyes to capture the beauty of insects, using them as a form to express a narrative of unconditional love.
PD Packard is an artist that has traveled across the world. She was awarded with a scholarship from Central St Martins in London, where she obtained a combined degree in Textile Design and Fashion. After receiving her degree and returning to the United States, she worked in the cosmetic industry, in which she developed textiles and surface designs. With her experience in working with fabric and surface design, she took what she learned from these mediums and switched over to printmaking in 2009. Since then, she has exhibited her work in exhibitions throughout the United States and overseas in Japan, Spain, Amsterdam, and China.
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