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April 15, 2020

Carole Loeffler Posts Art Around Her Neighborhood to Offer Support

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Jasmine Noble

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InLiquid Artist Carole Loeffler is working on two projects called “Granny Graffiti” and “The Helpers” with the hopes of offering lightness and support. Loeffler is posting positive maxims in her signature red text to offer her neighbors a bit of solace and a chance to experience art while outdoors.
What are you doing to stay sane during this time?
I am not sure I am keeping sane. But, moments of joy and peace are happening when I play with my kids, make delicious food and from a sense of accomplishment with yard work. I have also been putting my work out on the streets for my neighbors to experience. To offer some moments of lightness and support. An image is attached below. It’s a project I started in 2018 called “Granny Graffiti” and they are phrases I imagine our grannies might say and place in a world in a way they may approve of.
I’ve also been working on a series of photo collages with vintage photos and wrapping paper. I am calling the series “the helpers” and hope to have many women included. I’ve added one image from that series and it can be found on my IG and FB pages.
We are also all doing some version of online learning and teaching in our house. Two kids in school and two-parent/teachers. It’s enough to keep us pretty busy.
Do you have any advice for others?
The only advice I have is to be kind.
What’s your trick to make sure you’re washing your hands for 20 seconds?
I sing Happy Birthday twice in a row.
Do you have any TV or movie recommendations?
I am diving headfirst into the Gilmore Girls – I never watched it and there are a ZILLION episodes and they keep my mind off of all the heaviness of the world right now.
Tell us about your usual studio practices!
It has affected my studio practice because I usually have a handful of hours a week to work uninterrupted by myself. With everyone home, I sneak away for smaller snippets of time. I am just happy that I am able to do that.
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