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September 27, 2018

Blick In-Store Demos this weekend with Member Artists Elyce Abrams & Agathe Bouton

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid, in partnership with Blick Art Materials, is hosting in-store demos at the Blick store on Chestnut Street. This weekend marks the end of the series and will be featuring demos member artists Elyce Abrams and Agathe Bouton, who are both recipients of InLiquid’s MicroGrant program. Come to support these local artists and get a chance to win a $50 store card! Register for the event here.
Elyce Abrams’s in-store demo is this Saturday the 29th. The demo, “Painting with Movement,” will showcase Abrams’s unique use of vibrant colors. Through the contrasting nature of the colors and abstractions in her paintings, her works divide the canvas into distinct parts that penetrate each other and imitate quick and sharp motions. Abrams will demonstrate in this workshop how she uses these brilliant colors to create the impression of movement, as well as how she uses this movement to structure her paintings.
The in-store demo on Sunday, September 30th with Agathe Bouton moves away from vibrant and intense colors, but still displays the diversity of shades and intensities that Blick paints have to offer. Her presentation, “Monoprint techniques of Habitat & Urban Matter” will explore the extent and variances of white, gray, and black that encompass urban architecture. Bouton has been interested in the nature of cities her whole life; the warehouses, apartments, and offices that marry a sense of decay and energy at the same time. Through this demo, Abrams will be able to show you how she makes prints that portray the city through her unique perspective.
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