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January 14, 2015

Benefit v.15 Wins Back the Winter with Landscaped Light

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Erica Minutella

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At Benefit v.15, Win Back the Winter with our annual silent art auction and fundraiser. InLiquid invites guests to Crane Arts on Saturday, February 7 for a winter beer garden, heated and tented to beat back the winter chill. In lieu of the stars, nighttime dazzle will be provided by colorful LED trees donated by Hoffman Design Group.
The local, small business hails from Folcroft, PA, but they raise the green thumb to over 350 clients in Philadelphia, suburban Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York City. A previous sponsor of InLiquid’s Benefit, Hoffman’s 25,000 square foot facility is now home to an installation by Leah Reynolds, who donated the piece to Benefit v.13.
The Hoffman team can be found putting Mother Nature’s stylist to shame around the city, at venues like The Union League of Philadelphia, The Bellevue, The Shops at Liberty Place, The Wanamaker Building, and the PHS Pop-Up Gardens. There they sculpt the brick and mortar of buildings into soft and supple life with exterior landscaping, or pump a heartbeat back into interiors with floral arrangements and holiday displays.
Their newest incarnation landscapes light into special events with their LED creations, which you can find at Benefit v.15 on Saturday, February 7.
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