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January 30, 2014

Benefit v.14 Stand-Out Style: Tali Schinnar Mazzola

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Benefit v.14 celebrates the art of fashion. Special guests to the Main Event include Bela Shehu, Cory Wade Hindorff from America’s Next Top Model, and Dom Streater from Project Runway. In anticipation of our surprise fashion highlights, this week we’re featuring participants with stand-out style.
Tali Schinnar Mazzola has been an InLiquid Benefit Committee member for the past three years. With a background in modeling and promotion, she’ll be using her experienced eye to curate a selection of auction items celebrating Philly’s up-and-coming designers.
Can you give me some background on your work modeling within the fashion industry, and how you started out?
I have been modeling on/off since high school. I got more heavily involved after college, after I started working for a marketing company that specialized in promotional modeling. It has only been recently (in the last three years) that I have been immersed in modeling. I have been involved in the gamut of modeling roles; television, print work (including two magazine covers), runway shows, promotional modeling, etc….
Do you think that fashion – or even personal style – are forms of artistic expression that should be considered just as groundbreaking as any other creative art?
I definitely think that fashion is a form of artistic expression; if you choose to express your way in that manner.
Personal style is unique to each individual; and beautiful and expressive in its own rite (even in an understated manner).
Artistic expression through fashion, to the level of ‘art’ form’, is simply elevating your personal style. As previously said, personal style can be just as beautiful in its understated form, it’s taking it to the next level that makes it artistic expression!
Has Philadelphia seen a growth in relevancy within the fashion industry? Where do you see the city’s influence heading in the next 10 years?
Absolutely! Philadelphia has definitely seen growth in this sector. Philadelphia is an ‘incubator’, cultivating the careers of many up and coming and current nationally acclaimed designers.
I see new and innovative design from a new generation of emerging talent.
When did you first get involved in helping with the InLiquid Benefits, and what have been your impressions of the event so far?
I have been involved with Inliquid for three years. I attend many events in the city of Philadelphia and this is always one of my favorites. Always thoughtfully and purposefully put together and executed!
This year, you put together a curated fashion section. How did you go about selecting designers?
All of the designers that I selected for this section are Philly based designers that are ‘outstanding’ in their field. I have a working relationship with most of the designers. I also carefully selected this group because of my strong belief in them as designers, but also for the diverse and eclectic mix of styles they offer.
What are you looking forward to most about this year’s event?
I’m looking forward to the beautifully curated displays; the amazing group of people in attendance; and a glass of prosecco or two.
Join Tali in breaking out your fashion finest at Benefit v.14 on Saturday, February 8 at Crane Arts.
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