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The Benefit
February 4, 2013

Benefit v.13 Feature Artist: Lindsey Gilbert

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Meet one of the Benefit v.13 artists being featured as part of Paradigm Gallery + Studio: Lindsay Gilbert.
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Can you give me a bit of background information about yourself?
As long as I can remember, I have been a creator of things. In 2009 I received my BFA in Sculpture from the Univesity of the Arts. In the middle of my degree, I discovered my passion for glassblowing and have been incorporating glass in mixed media sculptures ever since. Inspired by eastern philosophy, metaphysics and the study of consciousness, I create mixed media sculptures investigating my relationship with form, ego and identity. By examining cycles and patterns of awareness in everyday life, I translate my experiences into work assembled from found objects, fabricated glass forms and various media. I am drawn to the process of manipulating glass because it demands focus, patience and perseverance. Grace is a necessity as you must go with the flow and remain aware of each passing moment. My creative process is a meditation where intuition can materialize into abstract form. Driven to make connections, I assemble parts to rediscover the unity of all things.
Can you tell me a bit about the piece you’ve donated to the Benefit?
“The Spaces in Between” is a mixed media and glass sculpture. This piece is essentially about finding the moments of awareness between incessant thought. Much of my inspiration comes from studying patterns of personal awareness. I feel it is important to strive to discover one’s true self which may be caught in layers of ego and material reality. Within this sculpture, there is an ambigious symbol of an individual framed as if it were a portrait. Contained in a light box, the figure is centered inside various layers of glass suspended in space. Often, it is challenging to control one’s thoughts and live within the present moment.
How do you think the new atmosphere will affect guests’ perceptions of your work and of Paradigm Gallery?
I have never attended the benefit so it is hard to say. I recently had a solo exhibition at Paradigm Gallery and am happy to be a part of such a wonderful community of passionate and talented emerging artists. I think overall it will mutually enhance the guests’ perception of my work and of Paradigm Gallery.
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