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January 26, 2020

Benefit 2020 Auction Items: Urban Front Pilates Classes

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Deborah Kostianovsky

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Given the arrival of a New Year, it’s time to buckle down on those New Year’s Resolutions. Remember those? They’re the resolutions you made while watching the fireworks, indulging in chocolate cordials and strawberry shortcake, drinking that Dom Perignon Champagne that you’ve been saving just for this occasion, and toasting the new decade. Whether your objective is to get fit, lose weight, address those nagging injuries and muscle imbalances so that you can get back to doing the sport you love, or learn to combine meditation with movement, Pilates is the perfect way to meet your goals. Imagine lying on your back, breathing slowly and with intention, moving your body in space and strengthening almost effortlessly. It’s a gentle, effective exercise; it’s also a mind-body method that improves strength, flexibility, balance, and awareness of body in space. Pilates is built on three primary elements: breathing, exercise, meditation.[1] Since the 1920’s, physical trainer Joseph Pilates initiated Pilates initially as a way to help dancers as well as athletes safely return to exercise following injury and maintain fitness. Now it’s utilized to improve flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength, prevent and rehab injuries, allow for stress management and relaxation, improve posture, among many others. [2]
Sound too good to be true? Why not try it! It’s good for your body and mind. It elevates the spirit. It will address both your resolution to start meditating and your resolution to get fit all in one elegant swoop. And Urban Front Pilates, located nearby in Rittenhouse Square, is the place to do it! The Urban Front Pilates gift certificate is the perfect way to jump start your fitness regimen or continue to pursue your interest in Pilates. This is a family run studio. Based on their experience, education and state of the art studio, they are considered a premier Philadelphia studio. They offer diverse programming and flexible schedules; they can also accommodate any Pilates level. The gift certificate includes ten Pilates Mat Classes and expires 12/21/20. Not only can you come out of this experience with a svelte, lean body, better posture, and a renewed spirit, but you can tell your friends that this year you actually did follow through on your New Year’s Resolutions.
[1]  “Pilates and Yoga-Health Benefits, Virginia State Government, Better Health Channel, n.d.
[2] “Pilates and Yoga-Health Benefits,” Virginia State Government, Better Health Channel, n.d

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